Status: in development
Genre: drama/road movie

Marzena Grzegorczyk

Director of photography:
Anka Malatynska

Tagline: Where you have cannibals, you’re running a risk that someone takes out someone else’s heart.

Logline: A brilliant but emotionally immature Polish-British anthropologist, troubled by his own sexual proclivities, travels to New Guinea to research the rules of sexual attraction among the natives. Accompanied by his orgiastic, yet grief-ridden artist friend, before making a breakthrough discovery he must first overcome the "savage" in himself and in his own culture.

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SHORT SYNOPSIS: It is 1914. As the world readies for war, a rising star of anthropology, BRONIO (BRONISŁAW MALINOWSKI,31), bothered by recurring erotic fantasies involving his mother, sets out on an expedition to study the natives of New Guinea to see if Freud's theory of the Oedipal complex is truly universal. He is accompanied by his childhood friend, STAS (WITKACY, 30), a scandalizing painter and playwright with a taste for free love and psychedelic experiences. Along the way they glimpse into the heart of tropical madness, testing the limits of their friendship and loyalty to their ideals and to each other.

Screenplay recognition

  • Semifinalist Nicholl Fellowship (top 2%; 100 out of 5050 submissions) (
  • Quarterfinalist, American Screenwriters Association
  • Polish Institute of Cinema screenwriting grant; rating: exceptional
  • Audience Award, INTERSCENARIO Screenwriters Festiwal, Wrocław, Poland


Anka’s cinematography on the first season of Monsterland was nothing short of visual poetry, elevating the narratives of marginalized people into majestic works of art. Her work is innovative and unapologetically daring, and like a true visionary, she is endlessly on the hunt for new ways to utilize the tools of the trade which she has already mastered.
MONSTERLAND showrunner Mary Laws

Anka is a straight-up genius. She’s shot things for Monsterland that I’ve never seen on screen before – truly wild, inventive, gorgeously moving visuals. She is a dream collaborator, a whip-smart storyteller and a brilliant artist.
MONSTERLAND writer Emily Kaczmarek

I have never been so impressed by a DP. Anka is a real artist; she makes it look effortless with a great bedside manner.
MONSTERLAND actor Michael Colter

Anka Malatynska

Director of photography

Named as one of the “10 Rising Stars of Cinematography 2019” in American Cinematographer Magazine [link], Anka Malatynska just wrapped production on the new Hulu/Annapurna anthology series MONSTERLAND. Her work on the feature BREAKING FAST, directed by Mike Mosallam and produced by Seth Hauer, will be seen in the months ahead on the festival circuit around the country.

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Anka came to cinematography by way of her father, a Himalayan mountain climber who shot stills on his expeditions. After her dad passed away in a climbing accident, her family moved to the United States, where the future director of photography began taking and developing her own photographs at the age of 11. She has created work that is bold and diverse.

As a European immigrant with a passion for life and sensitivity to humanity that is evident in the exquisite, breathtaking images in her work, Anka is one of the most fascinating cinematographers working today.She is a graduate of NYU film school and AFI.

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