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Filmmaking is a fascinating, complex process, and being a part of an interesting film or game project is a thrill. We’d love to help you with your development needs, from initial concept and development, all the way through post-production and distribution.As the line between video games and filmmaking has become blurred, the convergence of gaming and narrative storytelling has become an intense focal point. We are particularly interested in character-based hybrids, in exploring how the concept of interactivity changes the storytelling experience.

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Research for film: we meet diverse type of research needs in Europe – creative, factual, archival or data - for all types of media productions (films, games, tv shows, commercials, theater, internet). From stock or archival footage, through finding people, props or locations, researching genealogies and life stories, Holocaust survivors, we advise you on development of a project and physical production. Whether you document an idea, develop your film or have particular production needs, we tap into a plethora of sources (documents and collections, libraries, sources of data) and advise you as you move along.