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we shape and sculp your story I we boost your value and productivity

The 80/20 rule (or Pareto, “the law of the vital few”) shapes the film industry: both money and movies, as well as the screenwriting craft. Although every screenwriter has a personal way of developing a story, screenwriting is not a solitary endeavor. We help you maximize your value and save time through rewriting an existing screenplay , polishing specific aspects of it (e.g., structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, image system, themes, logline, etc) , finding the best 20% of your story. Most of its value comes from a few scenes. We identify the best scenes, character moments, plot twists.

We offer

01 story analysis: “coverage” on your screenplay
02 script consulting: in-depth screenplay analysis, with helpful script notes
03 script doctoring: revision of your screenplay
04 logline, tagline & synopsis consultation
05 story idea consultation: not every succession of events makes a good story. We help you determine whether an idea is appropriate for a film, a tv series, or a game