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Screenwriting course

The purpose of this immersive screenwriting course is to understand the economy of dramatic writing, to become familiar with the tools needed to write a compelling screenplay and develop a set of skills necessary to tell stories visually. Pragmatic, hands-on approach, used at USC and UCLA film schools, puts the students at the heart of this endeavor. In a lab setting, each participant can experiment in an atmosphere of trust and open communication.
Time commitment: 10 meetings, each 4-hour long. This corresponds to a semester long university course.
Level I:
focus on tools [story, character conflict, dramatic arch] 
Level II:
focus on structure and visual expression

Think like a screenwriter - weekend crash course

A concise overview of the screenwriting process for beginners, focused on principles of concentration and screenwriter’s decision making process.
Offered on weekends.
Time commitment: 5 hours/day; 2 days, 10 hours total

On-line lab

Two-hour long live online lab. Up to 5 people can ask questions relevant for beginners: [how to start? What about the second act? etc.] or discuss a scene, a sequence.

Max. 5 participants.